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Oscar Jiménez



His work focusses on tax and commercial law, especially in local and international tax planning matters, including mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, partnerships, consortiums and structured finance

He has 20 years of experience in tax planning, international tax, changes and corporate aspects in firms such as Deloitte (2010-2017) and Posse Herrera Ruiz (2005-2010). He has participated and supervised several tax advisory projects on compliance, planning and litigation issues in different private companies in multiple sectors.

Lawyer and with graduated studies in Tax Law from Universidad del Rosario, in customs law from Universidad Externado, he obtained a Master degree in international tax law (LL.M.) at the University of Florida USA and finally, he developed his Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) at Universidad de los Andes.

He is a postgraduate professor of infrastructure taxation at the Universidad Externado, taxation in international transactions at the Universidad de la Sabana, VAT at the Universidad Javeriana and income tax and tax planning at the Universidad Central, lecturer in business forums and trainer for local courses

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Professional experience


  • Jiménez Duarte Associates. Founding Partner and Director of Legal Practice. (2017 – present)
  • Deloitte Advisors and Consultants Ltda. Manager – Tax & Legal. Bogota, Colombia (2010 – 2017)
  • Posse Herrera & Ruiz Abogados. Senior Consultant – Tax Division. Bogota, Colombia. (2005 – 2010)
  • Colombian Institute of Tax Law. Researcher. Bogota, Colombia. (2005)
  • Grant Thornton. Auditors – Consultants. Lawyer – Legal Services and Tax Division. (2004-2005)

Academic background


  • Universidad de los Andes. Master in Business Administration (MBA). Bogotá, Colombia. (2011- 2013)
  • Babson University. Entrepreneurship Program. Boston, United States. (2013)
  • University of Florida. Master of Laws in International Taxation (LL.M.). Gainesville, Florida. United States. (2009)
  • Externado University. Graduated Studies in Customs Law. Bogotá, Colombia (2008)
  • Rosario University. Graduated Studies in Tax Law. Bogotá, Colombia (2006)
  • Rosario University. Lawyer. Emphasis in Public Finance and Taxation. Bogotá, Colombia (2004)

Academic experience


  • Javeriana University. Professor of Value Added Tax. (2018 – Present).
  • Externado University. Professor of infrastructure taxation. (2016- Present) and academic pair (2015).
  • Sabana University. Professor of taxation in international transactions. (2015-Present).
  • Central University. Professor of income tax (2015- Current) and tax structuring (2015 – 2018).
  • Academic peer of the Colombian Institute of Tax Law. (2015 – Present).
  • University of Pamplona. Part of the Creamos Colombia Project. (2016)

Distinctions and memberships


  • Member of the Commercial Lawyers Association (2018 – Present).
  • Member of the Antioquia Center for Tax Studies (2017 – Present).
  • Member of IFA. (2014- Present)
  • Member of US Alumni (2010- Present)
  • Member of the Colombian Institute of Tax Law. (2005 – Present)
  • Colfuturo Scholarship Holder. (2009)
  • “Latin America Scholarship. (2009)



  • “Interpretation of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements”. Book ” Algunas reflexiones del impuesto sobre la renta y complementarios en Colombia “. Ed. Externado 2010, 2012, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016.
  • “Reorganizaciones Empresariales y su impacto en Impuesto sobre la Renta”. Book “Algunas reflexiones del impuesto sobre la renta y complementarios en Colombia”. Ed. Externado 2010, 2012, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016.
  • “Descuento por impuestos pagados en el exterior e impuestos de entidades extranjeras.” Book “Reforma Tributaria”- Ley 1739 de 2014. Ed. Externado 2015.
  • “Fiducia Mercantil en la reforma tributaria”. book “Reforma Tributaria – Ley 1607 de 2012”. Ed. Externado 2013.
  • Eliminación de los Beneficios Tributarios al Endeudamiento Externo” Legis. 2011.
  • “Ganancias de Capital en los Convenios de Doble Imposición”. Global Tax Law. Journal of the Latin American Institute of Tax Law. 2010.


We have worked in several tax advisory and consulting projects on compliance, planning and litigation issues in multiple sectors, including mining, oil and gas, financial services, telecommunications, infrastructure, electricity, real estate, health and agribusiness.

❝ Oscar was instrumental in helping us setting up and reviewing the tax effects of our intercompany deals when we implemented the company in Colombia and as we found out we were very capably advised and in a timely manner, there was a consensus that he would be increasingly entrusted with more tax opinion for various lines of the business. Adding to the depth of his tax experience, the fact that he´s bilingual makes him a primary contact for colleagues in Regional and Global capacity. ❞


Adivignon de Paepe
Senior Manager Finance and Administration


❝ I have had the great opportunity to work with Oscar Jiménez for more than 15 years and has always been characterized by his great professionalism, honesty and fulfillment. With his broad experience, he has accompanied us in various business activities such as fiscal management, legal and tax planning, deferred income tax, intercompany capitalization, advice on capital restructuring, mergers and acquisitions among others. It has an excellent fluency in English-Spanish communication that makes Oscar an integral executive, whom I do not hesitate to give my best recommendations. ❞


Héctor Ariza Sanchez
Finance Director – Controller

❝ Director of the Tax Department, Oscar Jiménez, comes highly recommended by clients and colleagues in the market, as well as by his experience and knowledge. I have to affirm that “he is a very good lawyer, easy to work with and additionally practical when making decisions”. He is a key person in tax and investment planning. ❞


Nancy Patricia Cardona Aguilar
Colombia Country Controller

❝Oscar Jiménez is a highly renowned tax advisor in Colombia, as well as a proactive, solution-oriented and practical lawyer. He has a deep knowledge of tax matters, which allows him to structure his opinions appropriately and is also dedicated to keeping the client up to date. His client list includes national and international corporations from a wide range of industries. ❞


Leonardo Escobar

❝ Oscar Jiménez is an exceptional lawyer. Personally, I recognize his professional dedication and the great personal qualities that have always distinguished him. His global legal vision makes him an upright professional and a source of pride for those of us who know him. His academic contribution in the field of tax law is invaluable and we appreciate his support as our permanent consultant. ❞


Felix Chacin Romero
CFO – Controller

EF Education First
❝ Founding partner and tax specialist, currently leading the legal and tax division. Active advising multinational clients. “He is a very good lawyer and is recognized in the area of corporate tax. In the market, his position in international tax matters is well accepted, in which he has more than 15 years of experience ❞


Mariangela Falsone
Regional Finance Manage – EF Education First

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