Corporate policies

“We mitigate risks, prevent conflicts and are responsible for the processing of personal data. Learn about our corporate policies.

Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Management Policy - SAGRILAFT:

This document aims to establish a framework of action and a general guide for Jiménez Duarte Asociados. has the capacity to respond and mitigate the risk of being used as an instrument to carry out money laundering operations and/or channel resources towards carrying out terrorist activities in accordance with the minimum measures regime of the Superintendence of Companies.


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Conflict of interest prevention policy:

The purpose of this document is to prevent the materialization of conflicts of interest between former, current or future clients, which produce or may produce any type of damage to work activities and in general to the development of the corporate purpose of Jiménez Duarte Asociados.


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Personal data processing policy:

The purpose of this document is to establish the policy for the processing of personal data that must be processed by Jiménez Duarte Asociados. in the development of its corporate purpose.


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SG-SST Policy:

The purpose of this document is to establish the occupational health and safety management system policy of Jiménez Duarte Asociados. where it is committed to the protection and promotion of the health of workers, ensuring their physical integrity through risk control, continuous improvement of processes and protection of the environment.


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