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Estate tax planning

Family planning has as its main objective to strengthen the family unity and loyalty that exists between the family, strengthening relations between its members, building spaces and mechanisms to promote good communication, promoting the consolidation and growth of family businesses, creating procedures for the interaction between the Family and Companies, consolidating clear rules for commonly used goods and promoting the attitude of respect and discipline that characterizes all members of the family Family so that both this and the companies created have the greatest chance of being preserved, consolidated and transcended for several generations.

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Thus, service offered by Jiménez Duarte Asociados includes following aspects:

-Creation of spaces that allow each member to have its own field of action, as well as its defined rules and limits, its communication channels, and its environment for interaction of family members, administrators and/or shareholders.


-Generation of parameters that regulate possible integration of third generation among themselves and in relation to family business.

-Determination of clear policies related to management of assets of common use.


-Issues that Family considers that should be foreseen in writing given their importance for the strengthening of the Family and Companies


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