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It is clear that the success of a project is given by the utility generated for the company.

We are experts in determining and improving the tax impact on infrastructure projects for competitiveness and economic development such as highways, sea and river ports, airports and the mass transit system.

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The main objectives
in a tax analysis are:

-Review the legal structure of the group at national and international level in order to recommend tax-efficient investment schemes in Colombia and in this regard, measure the corresponding economic impact that shareholders would have.


-Determine structuring alternatives that comply with exchange rate, customs and tax rules to improve the tax position in Colombia and recommend schemes to reduce the tax burden without risk, complying with current rules considering the location of the parent company.


-Likewise, the economic benefits that may arise from specific tax treatments that arise as a result of the comprehensive interpretation of the tax rules or, the evaluation of doctrinal and jurisprudence background associated with them, should be analyzed in order to maximize profits and optimize the Company’s tax burden on the project to be carried out in Colombia.

The development of a tax analysis will allow the Company to:


-Establish in advance the tax effects of decision-making on project development and the impact on its cash flow.


-To raise in advance the alternatives that go to minimize the tax impact within the current tax framework.


-We will analyze the transactions you make or conduct Intercompany in order to identify tax savings opportunities, establish potential tax risks and optimize the Company’s financial position.


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