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Being aware of the new conditions imposed by globalization in the labour market, our firm offers services to facilitate the mobility of its employees in organizations at the global level, so our accompaniment includes:

img Servicios para expatriados - Expat services

-Interviews of the beginning or termination of the work assignment, through which we will make a detailed explanation to employees of their tax situation in the country, identify their obligations, the applicable benefits and provide for possible contingencies that may be presented to both the Company and the employee.


-Preparation of tax obligations to which expatriates are subject in accordance with current legislation in both the country of allocation and the base jurisdiction, so that in a coordinated manner the tax discounts to which there is place are applied and avoid being subject to double taxation.


-Preparation of hypothetical calculations of taxes, Tax Equalization or Gross Up that respond to the needs of the Company’s expatriation policies and to the labor assignment letters defined with the employee.

-Accompaniment to the company in tax consultancy for expats, as well as in matters of retention in the working source.


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