icon servicios impuestos 6 big - Accompaniment before Administrative Authorities and Tax Litigation


Accompaniment before
Administrative Authorities
and Tax Litigation

The need to meet the goal of collecting and obtaining financial resources from the entities in charge has made the auditing of companies increasingly aggressive, which is why taxpayers require a team with high experience in tax and administrative procedural matters as well as the ability to anticipate positions and develop defense strategies.

img Acompanamiento ante Autoridades Administrativas y Litigios Tributarios - Accompaniment before Administrative Authorities and Tax Litigation
Having our services will allow you to:

-Preparation of Preventive Concepts and Tax Diagnostics – we analyze the arguments of the tax collecting entities and propose the best defense strategies for the particular case according to the jurisprudence, DIAN concepts and legal interpretation, determining in turn a percentage of success of the lawsuit.


-Strategic litigation – we carry out administrative remedies and requirements and the accompaniment and judicial representation in the lawsuits and stages of the proceedings before the competent judges.

-Preparation of opinions that can be presented as evidence in the development of judicial proceedings.


-Accompaniment in Amnesties on Tax Matters – Tax reforms have considered legal figures that allow taxpayers to be discussing tax obligations, to save considerable amounts of sanctions and interest, depending on the stage of the discussion. Our team is in capacity to anticipate the application of these figures and to quantify savings, according to each case.


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